Smartphone Security Camera

Don’t leave your old smartphones alone in your drawer …

How to use your old smartphones as security cameras?

It is really simple, all you need is your old device, security camera app, and a laptop/smartphone.

There are many security camera apps available, you can download whichever you want. Some apps require Google account or Facebook account, Some requires you to enter IP address and port number. The steps on the apps are very easy to follow.

After setting up the app, you will need to find a spot for your camera, a personal favorite spot is the jacket’s pocket with the camera sticking out. To view your camera. some app requires you to download the same app on your second phone or you can view them on their websites.

Many security camera apps have varied features like night/ day mode, LED control, motion sensor etc. it is always fun to play with those features.

That’s it, enjoy!



When you see a security camera



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