Smartphone Hologram

We have seen fascinating holograms in a lot of scientific movies, like Star Wars and Minority Report, but the development of hologram in real life is not mature yet. For those people who eagers to get a real life experience of the hologram, you won’t be disappointed after what I show you next.

Simple Hologram on Smartphone

First, you will need to have a device that can display hologram videos (most of smartphones and tablets will work ),  then you will need to purchase a small hologram projector , like Smartphone Hologram Projector on Amazon, Finally, you need to adjust your projector to the center of your display  and  play hologram videos from youtube or other websites.Enjoy !


Making your own projector 

You will need:

  • CD cases / transparent paper /glass
  • Graph paper
  • Pen
  • Scissor
  • superglue or tape
  • craft knife or glass cutter

Steps on The Telegraph  or Youtube

For an easier version without cutting, you can refer to Youtube and make your projector in less 30 seconds.

Making your own hologram video

You will need a 3D video software (most of the video editors should work ) on your laptop and follow those steps on or Youtube.

You can also make a simple hologram image on PowerPoint,  detail steps on Youtube.


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